G Cutter 08- XFP


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Grog Cutter are pump marker tools, made with steel spring valve, for releasing the ink when pumping the nib, felt tips in polyester fibers, and a rigid body. This tool is one of the most popular in the art and calligraphy world. Many lettering artists in Europe and America are using this tool for creative calligraphy artworks, poster signs, canvas and lettering design. This line is available in three nibs format, 8, 15, 30 mm. the nibs are parallel, for allowing the user a perfect control in the lettering styles. The ink contained XFP - Xtra Flow Paint is alcohol-based pigmented ink, with a low viscosity, available in 16 colors. The finish is semi-gloss, the writing experience is smooth, due to the particular ink formula which allows the user to have a perfect and continuous writing experience, without having streaks during the writing. Can be used on smooth surfaces, like painted metal, glass, canvas, plastic, cardboard